SuperSlide represents a true innovation of the non-pedal steel guitar while bringing the tradition of years past into the 21st century. Steel guitar is certainly not new to MSA; we’ve been known for our quality steel guitars the world over since 1963.


  • SuperSlide provides the advantage of easily adding strings at the player's discretion. The 6 string can become a 7 or 8 string and the 10 string can become a 9, 11 or 12 string. SuperSlide scale is 22.5”.
  • The SuperSlide body adapts to both the 6 and the 12-string necks so as to provide the player a full variety of string options.
  • SuperSlide comes with varying string spacing depending on the number of strings selected, which will please both the rock slide players and the most demanding traditional players.
  • SuperSlide has a distinctive, powerful and pure steel sound, yet it will fuzz, grunge and sustain like no other instrument while offering the possibility of new and innovative sounds which breed fresh ideas and create new musical personalities and opportunities.
  • SuperSlide features our innovative one-of-a-kind adjustable Freedom Bar which allows the player to position the guitar into their personal playing position thereby enabling the player to have the same freedom of movement guitar players enjoy.  Just imagine the different sounds possible when SuperSlide is plugged into a guitar player’s pedal rack.

Freedom Bar designed to rest on waistband for increased stablity. Note the pushbutton which, when depressed, allows Freedom Bar to extend or retract into SuperSlide’s hollow body.

  • While maintaining the classic tradition of shape and form, SuperSlide boasts a variety of colors available in beautiful durable wood finishes, including an ebony-colored neck on all models.
  • Volume and tone controls are placed exactly where you want them for easy and fast access while playing a ballad or hammer-ons and bar slams.
  • A felt-covered removable back provides increased grip when on lap and easy access for easy string additions.


  • Add-A-String Kits
  • Adjustable Freedom Bar (Body separation device used for playing SuperSlide while wearing guitar strap)
  • Custom Straps
  • Tortoise Pick Guard
  • Custom Colors (Sunburst, solid colors, etc.)
  • Hard Case (holds SuperSlide and Freedom Stand)
  • Custom String Spacing Available
  • Freedom Stand for those who prefer to have SuperSlide ready to play in an instant. Freedom Stand also works exceptionally well for guitar players who wish to play SuperSlide while their guitar remains strapped to their body.