The Legend and Legend XL Series are MSAs Custom Shop guitars and are available with MSA Ultra finishes or Giles custom finishes.  They feature the same mechanical design as Studio Pro. The Legend Series are built on a traditional maple or other exotic wood bodies. Legend XLs feature wood necks with inlaid 3D fretboards.

MSA celebrated 50 years by making available  12 uniquely designated 50th Anniversary Legend XLs.  These special guitars include custom inlay and 50th Anniversary markings. All 12 Anniversary Legends have been sold.

MSA 50th Anniversary Legend XL.

Note inlaid 3D fretboard on XL wood neck.

Sky-Blue 50th Anniversary Legend XL D10 with 8 pedals and 10 knee levers.  See back view below.

Lfrets installation on Legend D10 shown in dim lighting with Lfrets active.

MSA Legend SD10 shown in Caribbean Blue (a Giles custom finish).

MSA Legend D10.  Note solid, polished pedal bar CNC machined from 6061 billet aluminum.  Color Cherry Burst.

MSA Legend D12 shown with 9 & 8. Color Pearl White.

Note 7-piece CNC-machined logo (optional).

Legend D10 shown in Red Mahogany.