The Tour Pro legend XL ten - Six


“The Tour Pro 10-6 is literally the guitar that I’ve been wanting someone to build for over a decade. I presented this idea to MSA, and they took it beyond what I ever imagined it could be. It is the ultimate do-it-all tool for the modern steel/dobro/slide player. Prepare to be blown away.”  
Travis Toy

Tour pro Features

Front Neck 10 String E9th

Back Neck 6 String Lap Steel

Back Neck 6 String Lap Steel

  • 24 and 1/4" Scale
  • 4 Raise, 3 Lower 304 Stainless Changer
  • Easy-change undercarriage with 13-position 304 Stainless Steel Bell Cranks and easily removable Cross Shafts
  • Quick-change Pickup
  • All Hardware is stainless steel
  • Gauged Rollers
  • Contoured adjustable Knee Levers 
  • Quick-release Pedal Bar Clamps
  • Adjustable on-the-fly Pedal Rods to quickly change Pedal height
  • Titanium Pedal Rods (all the same length with no numbers required)
  • Split Tuners on every string
  • Available with 4 or 5 Pedals
  • Available with 5 or 6 Knee Levers

Back Neck 6 String Lap Steel

Back Neck 6 String Lap Steel

Back Neck 6 String Lap Steel

  • 25” Scale
  • Custom Fishman Piezo Power Bridge Pro-Tom 101
  • Pickups: Dual Fishman Fluence magnetic pickups (bridge and neck position)
  • Fishman Onboard Powerchip mixing Preamp
  • Separate Volume, Tone, and Blend Controls for each Pickup
  • Dual Voicing Selectors for each Pickup
  • Fishman Aura Imaging Pedal Jerry Douglas SS on board
  • Three Recessed Output Jacks with separate switching capability. (1) Pedal steel (2) Piezo Blend (3) Dual Magnetic Pickups or they can be switched to use together for any amp combination you choose.
  • Voltage regulator on board
  • Tour Pro is equipped with 3D Logo, Pedal Bar Inlay, Lfrets, and Aura Lights

Tour Pro Demo

Performance Demo By Travis Toy

Audio Clip By Travis Toy

Tour Pro Demo

Performance Demo By Mitchell Smithey

tour pro pricing

A $1500.00 deposit is all that's required when ordering your Tour Pro Legend XL Ten - Six Guitar. Deposits are non-refundable and final payment is due 4 weeks prior to completion. Make checks payable to MSA Pedal Steel Guitars. Mail to PO Box 270564, Dallas, TX 75227. Major credit cards accepted. All prices and offers subject to change without notice.



Optional split-case available for an additional charge


Welcome to the MSA Family!

The first step in getting your new dream guitar is to place the deposit of 1500.00US. The deposit assigns you a sequence in production. Changes can be made to the setup at anytime prior to final construction. (Special finishes and heavy customization may require larger deposit.)

Below you will find links to download forms to spec your guitars finish, detailing, and features. The forms may be completed online, saved and emailed, and/or mailed directly to MSA.

If you are in the Dallas area, and you would like to visit, please feel free to contact us directly. To place your deposit, call: 

Kyle Bennett:  214-388-0461 Ext. 114

You can also mail your forms and checks to:

MSA Steel Guitars, LLC

PO Box 270564

Dallas, Texas 75227 USA