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Have you ever wanted to go to your Steel builders website and find out what hot new products and accessories are available from them? We are thinking outside the box here and striving to make that available to you, our customer, our most valued asset. We start with the modular quick-change pickups, volume pedal attachment and apparel, and will continue with other products and accessories we think you'll be interested in, as soon as they become available. Check back with us often as we will be adding to the list of goodies that you'll be able to purchase right here from this site. If there is anything you would like us to consider adding here, drop us a line and let us know. We would love to hear from you!!

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Quick-Change Pickups

* MSA Pickup Brands



The Alumitone pickup is current driven, unlike the more common voltage driven single, and dual coil types.  Also, the Alumitone is aluminum-based rather than copper-based. Aluminum is a much better conductor than copper. This gives you less resistance and higher output.

Wilde XR-16 (Bill Lawrence Design)


The XR-16 Has become a top contender for the C6 necks on MSA Guitars. Clear glassy highs with a well balanced separation between the low mid and upper lows.

Wilde 710 (Bill Lawrence Design)


The BL 710, bright and shiny high end scooped mids, and a throaty bottom. Suitable for both E9 and C6 tuning. An all around great sounding pickup.

George L

George L 10-1

Compared to the other candidates here on our pickup page, the 10-1 has a more subtle response. Mellow and smooth would be the term to use..Attenuated highs, robust mids and deep lows.


Telonics 409

The Telonics 409 has been turning heads with its luscious response across the tonal spectrum. Incredible low end separation suitable for any tuning. The individual pole pieces in each coil assembly are adjustable. Once the overall pickup height has been set, individual strings can be accentuated or attenuated, by a simple allen screw adjustment.

The new Telonics X-10 coming soon!



The Truetone pickups represents the highest quality available today, in a timeless design conventional single coil pickup. The single coil design has stood the test of time for 7 decades.

Purists generally prefer the overall tone of this type of pickup, over the humbucker, the trade off is a potential RF interference w electrical wiring components, and strong magnetic fields

This would make the perfect selection as a hot-swap spare.

Bill Lawrence



The 705 has enjoyed the top spot on the pickup selection for many years. The original chrome banded models are still very popular with modern players. The newer model is built to exact spec, using the exact same type magnets, wire and tolerances as its predecessor.

Universal Volume Pedal Mount

All MSA Pedal bars are pre-drilled to accept a volume pedal attach point. The bracket will have a locking mechanism to secure it at the proper angle.

Nylon Tuning Nuts

Nylon Tuning Nuts 

Fits Studio Pro, Legend and Legend XL models.

Millennium Tuning Nuts also available.

MSA T Shirts

Color: Black

These shirts are made of Polyester Athletic Tech material. They are very light weight and will not shrink.



MSA T Shirts

Color: Black

Gildan Cotton T Shirt




Special Introductory PRICE!!


Domed Oval Logo Decal

Foil Pedal Bar Decal

More Products Coming Soon....

*Note on modular pick-ups

Modular Quick-Change Pickups are special order and subject to availability.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

We gladly accept Pay Pal for ALL purchases. We also accept credit cards for Guitar purchases!

Call or email Kyle Bennett to pay by check or credit card.

214-388-0461 Ext.114 

Pick up comparison video

In this video, Mickey Adams, head of artist relations here at MSA, displays how easy it is to literally transform your guitars voice, in seconds thanks to MSAs modular quick-change pickup feature. Your guitar can be fine tuned on the fly.....Taking your guitars capabilities, to another level altogether

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