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Pedal Height Adjuster


The knurled Pedal Height Adjuster Knob allows you to adjust on-the-fly the Pedal Rods to quickly change the Pedal height. This can be done from the seated position.

Split Tuners / Recessed Jack


Every MSA is equipped with split-tuners on every string.

 The 1/4" output jack is recessed flush into the end-plate to protect the jack.

Quick-Change Pickup System


Every MSA is equipped with our "Quick-Change" pickup system. This allows you to change your pickup in a matter of seconds. This system will support all of the major brands of pickups.


Video Demonstration

Adjustable Springs


Equipped with adjustable return springs and adjustable tension-balance springs.

Aluminum Billet Materials


All of the aluminum guitar components are fabricated from solid Billet Aluminum (no castings). 

Removable Cross Shafts


The removable square cross shafts are made of 303 stainless steel. The cross shafts have a spring-loaded precision dowel pin and Delrin clip for quick removal and installation.

Fit and Finish


The fit and finish on all of the MSA Guitars is second to none. There are no sharp corners on our guitars and no exposed mounting screws. We take pride in offering not only some of the best Mark Giles finishes on any guitar, but also the best machined contours and polished aluminum components in the business!  

Pedal Bar Wood Inlay


You can add another level of custom elegance to your new MSA with a matching  pedal bar wood inlay and a 3-D polished aluminum Knight.

3-D Logo


The MSA 3-D Logo adds a very classy touch to your new guitar.  This Logo is made of six individual CNC milled aluminum pieces. The 3-D Logo is standard on the Legend Signature Series.

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Lfrets LED Back-Lit Fretboards


Lfrets is a game changer for pedal steel guitar, especially in low light environments. This 12V system allows you to see your fretboards perfectly in total darkness. The fret boards will retain a charge for 40+ continuous hours between charges. This system has a variable intensity control. Smart Charger is incuded.


Demonstration Video

Aura Lights


Aura lights add a warm glow in blue or red under your guitar.  This is a cool feature to draw more attention to your guitar in low light venues. Aura Lighting can operate independently from Lfrets with separate on/off switch. The Aura light systems requires the purchase of the Lfrets system.

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MSA HTC Changer


The changer has 4 Raise, 3 Lower. The scissors are made of 304 stainless steel.  The changer shaft is precision ground, case-hardened, and polished to a mirror finish. It is equipped with the Harmonic Transfer Comb (HTC).

Harmonic Transfer Comb (HTC)


The Harmonic Transfer Comb is central to the changer and ensures that the string vibration directly couples to the pickup and cabinet sound board.

13 Position Bell Cranks


The 13 position MSA bell cranks are center-pull and made from 304 stainless steel. The pull rods are retained by Delrin clips.

Contoured Knee Levers


We offer several styles of knee levers, contoured, straight, and flagged. The highly polished knee levers have adjustable tow with a small knurled thumb-screw. The vertical knee levers are equipped with thumb-screw adjustments too.

Titanium Pedal Rods


The pedal rods on all MSA's are made from Titanium, which is very light weight and very strong. All of the pedal rods are the same length and are not numbered. This is due to the Pedal Height Adjuster system which allows the pedal heights to be adjusted above each rod.

Engraved Logo Pedals


Our center-pull pedals are fabricated from bar stock aluminum. Every MSA comes with our engraved Knight logo on the  pedals.

Neck Mounted Bank Switch


The 3 way Bank-Switch is mounted in the side of the neck for a easier access. The switch is aircraft grade and very reliable.

String Ball Receiver Cup


The string ball resides in a small retained cup on the backside of each finger to prohibit the ball from falling into the scissor / finger assembly. The cup also assist for faster restringing. Just drop the string ball into the cup hole and pull up in the slot!

Gauged String Rollers


The precision string rollers are all gauged and have tapered sides for very accurate and smooth performance. 

Rear Pad Detail


The rear padded arm rest on our SD Models is covered with an aircraft grade vinyl. The vinyl is heat-formed to the wood base. The are no folds in the vinyl at the corners for a very professional finished look. 

Solid Billet Pedal Bar


All MSA Pedal Bars are fabricated from solid billet aluminum (no extrusion). The pedal bar is pre-drilled to accommidate up to 10 pedals, It is all pre-drilled for the  optional universal volume pedal bracket.  

Quick Connect Pedal Bar Bracket


MSA  Pedal Bars are equipped with our Quick Connect over-center clamping system. 

See Video Demonstration Below 

Roller Case


All of our MSA guitars come with a very hi quality Red Dirt Roller Case. Optional split- case available for an additional charge.

Quick Connect pedal bar demo


This video demonstrates the MSA Quick Release over-center Pedal Bar bracket mechanism.  Click it on and click it off!



This video demonstrates how quickly and how easily you can change the pickup in your MSA Legend or Studio Pro. The MSA Quick-Change pickup system accommodates all of the major brand of pedal steel guitar pickups:

  • Alumitone
  • Bill Lawrence
  • George L
  • Telonics
  • Truetone
  • Wilde

MSA Lfrets Video Demonstration


This video demonstrates MSA Lfrets back-lit fretboard system in total darkness.

A Game Changer for pedal steel!

Mitchell Smithey At Work!

Behind The Scenes


We thank you for taking the time to visit with us here on the web. At MSA all of our customers are considered to be, and treated like family. Your complete satisfaction is our #1 goal here. That is our commitment to you. 


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