The All New MSA Super SERIES


MSA SuperSlide Is Back In Production!

GOOD NEWS!! We have acquired a new source for the epoxy impregnated birch needed to resume production of the The MSA SuperSlide.  

                                        Coming this Summer!

                  The new MSA SuperSlide SUPER SERIES 

  • Super 6
  • Super 7
  • Super 8


MSA Welcomes Bobby Ingano !

Bobby Ingano

I've been  playing lap steel since 1978, mainly Hawaiian style. My lap steel of  choice is the Rickenbacher frypan or Bakelite 7-string model. I've tried  other makes, Fender, Gibson, Magnatone, Canopus, Excel, etc., but  always went back to Rickenbacher. I've never considered any other lap  steel other than my frypan or bakelite to be my main instrument of  choice. That is until I tried the MSA SUPERSLIDE!!

A  close friend of mine Kris Oka let me try his SUPERSLIDE and I was  completely blown away!! I took to it like a duck to water so to speak.  It was like an old friend. I played it so effortlessly!! Great tone,  easy to do harmonics, and silky smooth!! It's THE closest feel to a  Rickenbacher!! And the placement of the pickup is what I've been telling  lap steel builders all along which is, to place the pickup next to the  back bridge because it's where the sweetness is!! The farther the pickup  is from the back bridge gives it an ugly midrange tone that isn't sweet  at all. A very prominent steel guitarist friend of mine and one of my  early inspirations Greg Sardinha just purchased a MSA SUPERSLIDE on the  Steel Guitar Forum and his reaction was the same as mine!! And it's  now  his main instrument of choice!! Someone finally got it right!! And now  my vintage Rickenbacher can stay safe at home!! Lol!! It will surely be  my main lap Steel for performing and recording!! The one key word that  Greg and I used to describe the SUPERSLIDE is "SILKY".

And  it couldn't have come at a more perfect time because, I just retired  after 50 years of working!!! A million thanks to Kyle Bennett of MSA and  my good buddy Kris Oka!!

Sincerely, Bobby Ingano

Check Out Bobby's MSA SuperSlide Video Below

MSA SuperSlide Super SERIES (SS) 6, 7 or 8 Standard Features

The MSA SuperSlide represents a true innovation of non-pedal steel guitar while bringing the tradition of years past into the 21st century.

  • SuperSlide Super SERIES provides the advantage of easily adding strings at the players discretion. The 6-string can become a 7 or 8 string.   (Add-A-String Kit)
  • 22 1/2" Scale
  • Soft Case with foam formed liner included.
  • SuperSlide SS is designed with varying string spacing, depending on the number strings configured, pleasing the Rock-Slide players and the most traditional players.
  • SuperSlide SS has a distinctively powerful and pure steel sound and sustain like no other instrument.
  • While maintaining a classic tradition of shape and form, SuperSlide SS boasts a variety of colors available in beautiful and durable wood finishes.
  • SuperSlide is available in left hand models too.
  • Volume and Tone controls are placed exactly where you want them for ease of operation.
  • Super 6, 7 or 8 has dual pick guards for a more balanced look.
  • SuperSlide SS is also available with the optional MSA Lfrets back-lit fretboard.

Options / Accessories

  • Add-A-String Kits 6, 7 or 8
  • Custom Colors (Sunburst, Solids, etc.)
  • Hard Shell Case (holds SuperSlide SS and Freedom Stand)
  • Freedom Stand (very sturdy with 4 legs) for those who prefer to have SuperSlide SS ready to play in the seated or standing position.
  • Roland MIDI trigger


MSA Super  6, 7 or 8 String                                  $1395.00

Add-A-String Kit                                                              $99.95                

Freedom Stand (4 Legged)                                      $225.00

Hard Shell Case                                                             $325.00

Roland MIDI Trigger                                                             Call

Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.           

MSA Lfrets Pricing for SuperSlide SS

MSA Lfrets factory installation                                       $368.95

How to Order

A deposit of $500.00 is required when purchasing a SuperSlide Super Series. Deposits are non-refundable and balance is due upon completion and prior to shipment.

Click Here To Make Deposit

Freedom Stand is only available to MSA SuperSlide SS owners or with purchase of MSA SuperSlide SS.

For Sales and More Information:

214-388-0461 ext.114

Add-A-String Kit

With the MSA Add-A-String  Kit, in a matter of minutes, you can change your SuperSlide  to become a 6, 7 or 8 string guitar.

Order your new msa superslide!

Welcome To The MSA Family!

The first step in getting your new MSA SuperSlide is to place the deposit of $500.00US. The deposit assigns you a sequence in production.  (Special finishes and heavy customization may require larger deposit.)

Below you will find the link to download the order form to spec your guitars finish,  detailing, and features. The form may be completed online, saved and  emailed, and/or mailed directly to MSA.

If  you are in the Dallas area, and you would like to visit, please feel  free to contact us directly. 

To place your deposit, call: 

Kyle Bennett:  214-388-0461 Ext. 114

You can also mail your checks to:

MSA Steel Guitars, LLC

PO Box 270564

Dallas, Texas 75227 USA


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